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March E-News

March Monthly Recap Spring has sprung (apparently) and so has the monthly e news, back into action for yet another catch up as we look back at the month of March here at Team HG!. This time last year we were manic, trying to juggle a business home move with lots of huge projects at

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February E-News

February Monthly Recap The monthly ENews is back, back for good! We know, it’s been a little while since we have brought you a monthly update, but rest assured, the monthly content will be flowing from now on. Somethings don’t change though, and it’s safe to say that the start of the year has been

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September E-News

September Monthly Recap We said it in last months ENews…. Summer is officially over, but that isn’t stopping the positive vibes here at Team HG! as we return for a bumper edition of our monthly catch up. This month as always is full of great projects, from us leaving England for a whopper of a

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August E-News

August 2023 Recap Just like that, summer is officially over and we have entered the month of September. But not all is lost, a new month here at HG means looking back at the month before and that’s exactly what we are doing for August. We always say here at Team HG! that no two

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July E-News

July 2023 Recap In a blink of an eye, here we are, 1 year down of the monthly ENews at Team HG!. Our mission behind starting the monthly ENews last August was we wanted to be as transparent as possible, keeping our customers up to date with all things HG, and it’s safe to say

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June E-News

June 2023 Recap Summer is here and so is the first monthly enews of the summer season. You may think that now we are all moved into the new unit things may have calmed down at HG? Well, we’re here to tell you that this is certainly not the case, and it has been very

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