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Our Story // 01

Where it all Started

Our company was incorporated in early 2013, although it all started long before that! Gavin’s dad was into making keyrings, he had a small vinyl cutter, it was more like a hobby for him. Little did he know he had planted the seed for what was to come.


Our Story // 02

Everything Happens For A Reason

They say things happen for a reason, the plumbing course that Gavin went to enrol on was fully booked so the next thing he chose was of course… sign making. Enrolled on a 2-year course but able to finish 6 months earlier, he completed an apprentice in 2007, whilst his dad was doing more and more, and Gavin was helping at home too.


Our Story // 03

Upgrading from the spare room

As Gavin got more involved so did his dad, and this saw them purchasing a Rowland versacamm, print, and cut machine. They moved operations from the spare bedroom and converted the garage into a workshop. They worked from home for some years giving us the name, Homegrown Graphics.


Our Story // 04

A Family Business

Gavin’s dad took a back seat, and Natalie (Gavin’s partner) started to help on anything and everything.

After a month of helping out, Natalie quit her job at Primark and joined full time, taking on the role within design and production, Stephen, her brother, then joined to help Gavin with the installations.


Our Story // 05

Our First Unit, 10D

In 2013 we moved into a 900sqft unit, this was the first of the units on Langthwaite Industrial Estate and just across the road from where we currently are. Work took off this year as we were able to fit graphics to vehicles at our own premises and manufacture signs that were of a larger scale. We got our very first flat bad applicator!


Our Story // 06

The start of our Architectural journey!

We had just completed our very first window frame wrap for Stoneacre in Doncaster... fast forward 6 showrooms later and some hard work, allowed us to once again grow and upscale.


Our Story // 07

Upgrading Again, Unit 8B

After quickly out growing Unit 10D we were in need of a bigger place and acquire unit 8B a 200sqf which we custom-built the full interior to be suited for exactly what we needed. At the same time we added new Latex Printing technology and upgraded our entire production equipment.

We also made the decision to shorten our company name to HG Graphics and update our logo.

2010-HG Logo

2015 - 2018

Our Story // 08

Let’s Grow The Team

Kyle joined the team in March 2015 as an install engineer, which allowed us to really get stuck into jobs. In 2018 Lauren joined for a few months to help with the back-office side of things, before coming back in Feb 2020.


Our Story // 09

Pandemic Restructure

No one could have predicted what was about to happen, but in true HG style we grabbed this opportunity by the horns and ran with it. Rethinking where we are going as a company and how we best serve our clients we made the decision to rebrand, dropping our youthful look and moving more commercial, we implemented a full new job management system and built a nationwide team of installers, helping us to meet the demands of our clients.

2020-HG Logo


Our Story // 10

HG Surface Was Born

With the growth and demand for architectural wrapping we made the decision to create a dedicated division for this, given our expertise and the number of architectural projects it was a no brainer.

Lauren developed a natural ability for guiding and managing the architectural projects and was appointed projects Director. HG Surface, is now a dedicated company to the architectural design and refurbishment industry. Creating and leading the way on some of the Uk’s biggest projects.


Our Story // 11

HG Graphics & HG Surface

Although we still have our small business roots, we are currently in the process of moving to a 4,500 square foot purpose built unit with a strong team of professionals now working alongside each other to produce high-quality solutions.

HG Graphics have undergone a major rebrand of the company in 2020 and as the type of clientele has naturally matured so has the look of the company and the service areas that it concentrates on: Vehicle Branding, Signage & Display and HG Surface Architectureal & Decor.


Our Story // 12

Team HG! & New Unit

Introducing the new brand name… Team HG!. A decision made my directors Nat and Gavin, the rebrand made sense given the crossover of audiences between both the HG Graphics and HG Surface businesses, and there was a consensus an umbrella company name was required.

Due to the expediential growth of Team HG!, the team required more room, and in 2023 we finally got the keys to our 2 brand new units, giving us a whopping 4,500 SQF of space. This leap was made to future proof the business and allow bring even more work into HQ.

Logo Evolution